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Here is a poem I wrote last night. It’s a rough draft but it’s one of those rare poems I decided to type up on the computer. I still have to change couple of things on it before I add it to my trusty diary though.

The world is a cruel place,

It’s scratching and biting my face.

For all the obstacles before me I have to embrace,

I feel like a rat running this race.


Fortunately for me things are looking up.

Like a homeless man getting some coins in his cup.

I feel better with the help of my new pup

Fortunately for me things are looking up.


I’m starting to enjoy the birds singing,

Watching kids on the branches swinging

The flowers on trees springing,

And the disappearance of the painful stinging.


Continue my Journey

So I begin my journey by starting off with some basics. First thing I decided to do today is write a list of things I always wanted to do. Not a bucket list, but just random things I wanted to do for a while but never did. So guess what the first thing I did was? I adopted myself a dog from Animal Rescue. He is a 7 month old Border Collie who was given up by the owners due to problems with their landlord, or something along those lines.

They named him Kibbles, Kib for short. I kind of liked that name so I decided to keep the name for him. He already comes when you call him by name so I didn’t want to confuse him with a new name. Besides, Kib sounds like a really cool name for a dog in my opinion.

Now before you think I adopted a dog out of the blue for no reason, well you’re wrong. I wanted a dog since I was little and I did a lot of research on training and caring for a dog. I took in consideration all of the necessities and responsibilities that come with a dog and decided I’m ready to own one. I went to the pet store, bought everything I needed for a dog. This includes food, toys, dog bed, chews, treats and everything else to keep Kib happy.

So far he has been nothing but pleasure. He is very well behaved, doesn’t chew and just loves to play. I can barely keep up with him. He seems to never be tired which is great but tiring. Only concern I have right now is the fact that he isn’t housetrained. He does go potty outside, but if I don’t take him out on time he just pees on the floor. He doesn’t let me know he needs to go out which is kind of frustrating. I even read the housebreaking article and now I’m trying out some of the tips I read there. Hopefully I’ll have Kib properly housetrained.

We also have been practicing learning some tricks together. Kib is actually really good at learning new tricks as long as I have a treat in my hand. Without the treat he doesn’t seem interested enough. At the moment I’m trying to ease off the treats but isn’t working out too well. Oh well, it’s not like he gets too many treats during the day and I try to keep him healthy with a lot of exercise.

Oh and for anyone else with a Border Collie, I highly recommend It’s a really good website for a training and care. Anyways, this is it for today. Hope you guys liked it.

Update on My Life

Well as some of you probably already imagined, a lot of my loved ones and relatives did not appreciate my big change. I can’t blame my parents for being angry about me dropping out of college. I mean they DID pay for it. Hopefully they will understand that I’m doing this to be happy. I was unhappy doing what others expected me to do and decided to take things into my own hands.

Anyways I’m trying to tell them what this is all about. They think I’m having some sort of a mental breakdown but It’s not true. I’m just doing what I always wanted. I’m acting selfish for once in my life. I’m doing things I want to do and things that make ME happy. If you think that’s some kind of crime, well too bad.

Anyways guys, my mood has really improved and I highly recommend you guys do something similar. You don’t have to go to the same extremes I went to but it’s completely worth it. It feels good to drop all of the stress and enjoy life for once. It feels good to not care about what others think about your actions. It feels good to live life the way you want to. It feels good to be a gangsta. It feels good to be me.

What does love really mean?

The funny thing about love…

I always have a question on my mind

When two people meet and grind

And their souls become intertwined

As if all the starts were perfectly aligned

Do they know that love is not real

The emotions that they think they feel

It’s just electric signals in their brains

Pumping the love through their veins

And keep them in chains

Until only their bones remain

So it begins…

This is a chapter of my new life. After waking up one day after 22 years of misery I decided no more. I’m going to take control of my life and change it for the better. I would go back and look at my mistakes and try to change them. I know that I can’t go back into past and change what I did wrong, but I can learn from the past and improve my future.

The wonderful thing about time is that it never stops. It just keeps flying by you as if you don’t matter. It doesn’t care that you regret you did something and want to change it. It just keeps moving forward. It might seem cruel, but in fact it’s what makes us. By going forward unchanging, it shows us the consequences of our mistakes. It lets us improve us for the future because now we know not to mess up, or else we will suffer the same consequences.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. – Carl Sagen

So now that I’ve learned as much as I could from my mistakes by reflecting on my life these past few weeks, I think I’m ready to make the much needed change. Although breaking old habits is not easy, I will do what I have to do.

This web sight is about me making that change. It’s about me taking control of time and using to my advantage instead of letting it just pass me by. You can follow my journey if you want. Who knows, you might learn something new. Or maybe I will learn something new from you. It feels good to be a gangsta and I intend to keep it that way.