Continue my Journey

by Free Living Life

So I begin my journey by starting off with some basics. First thing I decided to do today is write a list of things I always wanted to do. Not a bucket list, but just random things I wanted to do for a while but never did. So guess what the first thing I did was? I adopted myself a dog from Animal Rescue. He is a 7 month old Border Collie who was given up by the owners due to problems with their landlord, or something along those lines.

They named him Kibbles, Kib for short. I kind of liked that name so I decided to keep the name for him. He already comes when you call him by name so I didn’t want to confuse him with a new name. Besides, Kib sounds like a really cool name for a dog in my opinion.

Now before you think I adopted a dog out of the blue for no reason, well you’re wrong. I wanted a dog since I was little and I did a lot of research on training and caring for a dog. I took in consideration all of the necessities and responsibilities that come with a dog and decided I’m ready to own one. I went to the pet store, bought everything I needed for a dog. This includes food, toys, dog bed, chews, treats and everything else to keep Kib happy.

So far he has been nothing but pleasure. He is very well behaved, doesn’t chew and just loves to play. I can barely keep up with him. He seems to never be tired which is great but tiring. Only concern I have right now is the fact that he isn’t housetrained. He does go potty outside, but if I don’t take him out on time he just pees on the floor. He doesn’t let me know he needs to go out which is kind of frustrating. I even read the housebreaking article and now I’m trying out some of the tips I read there. Hopefully I’ll have Kib properly housetrained.

We also have been practicing learning some tricks together. Kib is actually really good at learning new tricks as long as I have a treat in my hand. Without the treat he doesn’t seem interested enough. At the moment I’m trying to ease off the treats but isn’t working out too well. Oh well, it’s not like he gets too many treats during the day and I try to keep him healthy with a lot of exercise.

Oh and for anyone else with a Border Collie, I highly recommend It’s a really good website for a training and care. Anyways, this is it for today. Hope you guys liked it.