Poetry is Art

I’m not exactly a great poet but I like to dabble a little in this fine art. I have a lot of poems written but all of them are in my diary and I really don’t want to retype any of the poems. I’ll try to post from time to time some short poetry, but most of the time when I have the inspiration to write I reach for my diary. There is just something so special about having a clean page and a pen. Reminds me of drawing and being a major in art, I love it so much.


Dogs are my world

Without them I cannot live

When I’m busy, wrapped up and whirled,

It’s their love that they give

I can’t imagine a world without my companion

I would probably jump off the grand canyon

But since he is right by my side

We will always remain Bonnie and Clyde

Let me know what you guys think, but please be gentle. I have a kind and childish soul that would shatter in 200 pieces if I received some nasty comments. If you leave a nice comment, I’ll promise to give you a hug.

With love,